Disclaimer, Privacy Statement and Complaints Procedure

In this disclaimer we have indicated how we deal with your personal details and the information on our website. You will also find the Privacy Statement and the Complaints Procedure here.


Rutgers has a copyright on the information on this website, such as texts, research, graphics and visual material. You cannot just use this, for example by publishing, distributing or storing it elsewhere. You can request permission in writing via our contact form. When using the information, always state the source, please. However, you are allowed to store this information for personal purposes.

Responsibilities and liabilities In what ways do we collect digital personal details?

Through various Rutgers websites we collect personal details in different ways. For example: What do we do with these digital personal details?
Rutgers sets great store by handling your personal details carefully and confidentially.

Submission forms
Personal details that you share with us via an application form or other submission form are used to carry out our services properly. We do not share this information with third parties. These details are stored in the CMS system of our websites and sometimes via the secured servers of Rutgers.

Data regarding the newsletter
When you have signed up for a newsletter from Rutgers, your details will be stored in Mailchimp, our system for sending newsletters. We do not share this information with third parties and do not use it for other purposes. We retain the data In Mailchimp if you give permission for this. Under each newsletter you have the option to unsubscribe, after which we delete your data from Mailchimp.

Mailchimp uses cookies. We use this information for analysing the newsletters. Data that we analyse are, for example, how often the newsletter was opened or on which article was clicked the most. More information can be found in the Mailchimp Privacy Statement.

A cookie is a small piece of information that is stored on your computer in the form of a text file. This is aimed at making the website function better and adjusting it to the wishes and preferences of users. Cookies do not store personal details. They only remember your preferences and your interests based on surfing behaviour.

We collect data to measure and analyse visitor information from the website. We use this information to assess the effectiveness of our website and, where necessary, to adjust the site. This information is never used to personally identify visitors (neither is this possible). We use Google Analytics for this. Also: Turning off cookies
By adjusting the settings of your browser, you can either choose to accept all cookies, to be notified when a cookie is placed or to refuse all cookies. Consult the help function of your browser. To turn off cookies on the most commonly used browsers: Imagery
Rutgers is very careful with images on our websites. We always ask permission for this, usually via a permission form of visual material that we make or develop ourselves, or by buying photos with the correct rights.

Social media on our websites
At the bottom of our websites you will find buttons to share information via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. These buttons contain codes of social media itself. They remember whether you have already logged in on this social media account. The way they deal with this is beyond the responsibility of Rutgers. You can read in the privacy statements of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter how they deal with this.

Embedded content
Embedded content is content that we retrieve from another website and put on our own website, such as a video from YouTube. Embedding content on our website is only done with the permission of the person responsible for this content.
If you have any questions about your personal details or wish to change personal details, please contact Rutgers.

Rutgers Privacy Statement, general conditions and Complaints Procedure Both the Privacy Statement and the Complaints Procedure can be found on the Rutgers website.